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Be careful of that good deal at a cheap price.

It is smart to have a licensed home inspector spend a few hours making sure that you are not stuck buying a lemon. To do a good job you have to have the water, power & gas if possible on before the inspection. No one can do a good job without the power & water on & the inspector can’t turn them on. Some of the things that can make it not such a good deal is Aluminum branch wire that was mostly in houses build in the 70’s. Another is fuses in the indoor electrical panel box & heat & air over 15 years old.  Galvanized plumbing, These can run up cost and won’t add to the appraisal of the home

“Eliminate” Rodent or Squirrel problems in your attic

One of the problems with pests in attic is gable end louvers that have nothing more than regular window screen. But if you put “hard ware cloth” sold in fencing departments at your home supply store. They can’t chew through it.

Cover with Hardware Cloth to keep unwanted creatures out. 

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